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Posted by JB Uy on December 06, 2013 at 02:02 AM UTC
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How to integrate new features into an existing app.

On Snapchat's new features:

Reality is, people that want to use the new features will find and use them. Snapchat hid these in the settings to avoid potentially compromising the experience for existing users. We're all familiar with the inevitable backlash that occurs when popular services make a change, even when it's clearly for the better. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other widely successful companies ebb and flow through backlash. Snapchat avoided this by giving its users complete control. Those that don't want the new features don't have to use them.
Posted by JB Uy on December 23, 2013 at 09:57 PM UTC
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Increasing time on site:

  • Can be good, or bad ( means its hard to navigate)
  • show related pages on the side
  • Instructional videos: another way to consume content, enrich experience, deliver answer quickly --> have users coming back.
  • Pictures: supplements content
  • Infinite scroll increases time on site

3rd party integration and invites:

  • social logins increase liklihood of signup since it's faster and easier
  • Make it easy to invite: spreads product and increase viral coefficient
  • Option to share things via social media, email
  • Quora lets users post their activity to their facebook account (off by default, but if on, their friends see updates when they follow, write answer, etc.)


  • Follow people and topics
  • Suggestions
  • Related topics


  • Keeps customers and prospects in touch with your brand
  • Weekly digests based on your interests


  • They suggest people to follow that you dont already (ie. Connect with twitter, but you follow some people that you're not connected with on Quora)


- videos, arrows, completion percentage, etc.

No matter how simple your product is, you’ll still need to teach new users how to use and navigate it. If you don’t teach users, your abandonment rates post-signup will be high.
Posted by JB Uy on December 06, 2013 at 02:07 AM UTC
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