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Ongoing list of articles on on selling to enterprise.

Posted by JB Uy on November 28, 2013 at 06:22 PM UTC
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Building a generalized platform that allows you to store legal records or other sensitive data in a secure and standardized fashion? Well, you might want to build custom sales plays based on individual verticals, but then you just hire a domain expert consultant to put the words in the right order and structure for that vertical.


If you don't have the budget like IBM, Microsoft, etc. to schmooze with those with purchasing power, you can do what Atlassian does, which is sell from the bottom up. The idea is to make the product cheap enough that individuals/departments will not have to go up the purchasing chain to pay for it. Hence their use any of our products for $10 for up to x number of users. If your product is able to solve a problem of theirs, you'll have evangelist within the company and they'll spread the word within the company. And eventually their product will reach somebody with purchasing power.


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Interesting and so true, similar to what we have discussed in the past about selling to the Enterprise. It just reinforces the fact that Enterprises are a different breed of customers compared to the Individual / Personal users.

Posted by Henry Uy on November 28, 2013 at 07:19 PM UTC
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Selling to enterprise prospects.

  • what free and easy means to enterprises
  • How selling to enterprise is different from the usual saas self service process (ie. Faqs, documentation, etc.)


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